Friday, April 21, 2006

An Instance of the Fingerpost

by Ian Pears. This is an amazing tale, told through the eyes of four fascinating characters, all with a different version of the crime. Each narrative is forceful and convincing--until the next one begins. Who is seeking justice? Who may be covering up an incriminating trail? Mr. Pears's historical whodunit--set in Oxford, England, in 1663--weaves together politics, science, philosophy and the rudimentary forensics of the time.

I searched the internet to find out what a fingerpost was without any luck, but determined from the book that it must be a signpost. My husband liked the idea of a fingerpost so much that he made one for our backyard. These pictures give you a glimpse. Our fingerpost provides directions and milage to where our loved ones are serving in the military or on missions, or where they're living. We decided not to pointers for those for the many who are in Utah. I love it--the book, too.