Sunday, May 21, 2006

Keeper of the Bees

by Gene Stratton-Porter (read Oct 2003)
This was one of our county library book club selections. Although a little far-fetched at times, I really enjoyed this book.

"... the damaging things of this world are going to go past a mind that is fully occupied with something legitimate and constructive." I liked this quote because it reminded me of a basic concept my mother taught me and that I have since used with my students when they talk about gross and/or stuff. They tell me it's apart of life and I say, "So are sewers, but I don't need to spend my time thinking about them when I can focus on rainbows, flowers, music, etc."

Another quote I liked: "To be able to tell himself that he would do something constructive with the knowledge in his heart that he would have the strength to do it and the uplift in his spirit that would give him joy in the doing..." If I change the wording on this just a little, it would be the essence of my prayers.