Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen (read Apr 2006)

Now I know why my twenty-something daughter and 2 nieces love this book and most especially why they all want to meet their very own Mr. Darcy. The only thing I knew before reading P&P was that Darcy possessed real swoon factor. So,I have to say as I started reading about Bingley's friend, Darcy, who was conceited, rude, and an all around bore, I was having trouble reconciing the two very different Darcys. I was totally impressed with Mr. Bingley, and he was so perfect for Jane.

What a sad state of affairs it used to be that a father of five duaghters had to get them all nicely married off, becuase he would have nothing to leave them or his wife, either, when he died. The mother, Mrs. Bennett is unbearable, but given the time period and she with five daughters, she may deserve here nervous spells every now and again. But a little goes a long way with that woman. I really like Mr. Bennet (more in the book than in the movie).

The storyline was immensely interesting. There were subtle twists and turns. The characters where interesting. The time period and its custom were very interesting to me. I usually feel such a sense of relief about living when I do, but I do wish we courted in a genteel way - and slower.

I join with Alyson, Julie, and Cassie - that Mr. Darcy is a very fine man and I hope they each find their's because I've already found mine.

Pride and Prejudice is a well told story; sometimes humorous, other times sad. Most of the time there's the suspense of how will things possibly turn out.

A definite must read, if you missed the chance in high school or college, consider reading it now. I've watched the A&E version and thought it was quite true to the book. Would love to watch all the versions. This book goes on my favorites list.